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Xmas Party at Ranelagh School

The weekend just gone was a different night for me, instead of the normal wedding party kicking off it was the seasonal Christmas party.

It was a fun party from what I could see from being in the other room, but from the picture above you can see that the young adults were enjoying a good well organised party.

I was hired to capture the 6th form party goer's for there portrait shots and with another company doing the fun photo booth pictures. Now this was interesting from my perceptive as I still feel twenty at heart, but as I worked through the night .. I became older .. and older and before I knew it i was my dad!!!..

So what has this got to do with the work... well let me tell you . kids.. and expensive camera equipment.. do not equal a good fun night for the photographer.. my top 5 most used words of the night were....

5... " Round this way not that way"

4 ... " Step one place forward away from the back drop"

3 ... " Are you ready?"

2 .. " calm down!! "

and finally at number 1 .. "Watch for the wires!!!"

Yes the hardest part of the night was keeping the kids from tripping over the lights and bring down all the brand new light and fittings. but thankfully it was a successful night.

For most the night i was using my 50mm Nikon 1.8 at f9 and 160/1 and used 2 Neewer C-400 strobe. over all i was really happy with the lights the new backdrop gave me a lovely Xmas feel to the pictures.

The biggest challenge from a photographic point was getting the Kids into frame and within the boundary which I managed for 97% of the pictures until the rugby club turned up .. and that was a fun picture to get all in and the lighting right so they were all seen well.

The Conditions

The room was the sports hall so high ceilings, this meant no flash bouncing off the ceiling

and it was a big hall with the lights down. but with the Strobes this was not an issue. the good thing was lots of space which i did not use to its fullest but you live and learn. the biggest learning from the night was always bring an extension cord.

I did manage to get out and get a few pictures of a waltz the young adults were doing but other than that it was just in the booth mode..

Over all a good nights fun work with new equipment and challenging groups of people all adding to the skills i learn every day in this line of work.

So whats next for me.. well a christening on the 22nd and another wedding on the 30th after the Xmas break .. then it is the fun of the new year and new challenges.

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