• mark cunningham

Surrey Venue Reviews

As a new feature on web page I will be hopping and jumping my way around all the venues in Surrey(Those that let me in willing or not!!)

i will be looking at 3 area:

  1. Interview the venue owners

  2. Give advise to other photographers

  3. Give advise to wedding couple about needed photographers skills

I Want to interview the owners and get some great detail about the venue and be able to give as much as i can to wedding couples about the venue.

Give other photographers a look at the venue and good tips about how to get the best photos from the venue.

the final piece of the the review will what skills are needed by the photographer at the venue. can they be a young inexperienced photographer or do you need a more experienced person behind the lens to make sure you get the best out of the days pictures.

Clock Barn Hall first on the list.

my first review will be on Clock Barn hall in Godalming surrey the owners Isabel &Kevin Mason have kindly opened up their does for me to come up and for them to be the first

Did you have your wedding at Clock Barn Hall then please share your experience and let me know about your day #photographywedding #novemberreview #surreyphotographer

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