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Latest Shooting Event .. A County Shoot

So when I say I am going on a shoot ...normally I mean I am photographing an event but this time I am shooting a shoot. The cream of surrey have invited me to capture their day.

With an early 7 am start and with 12 shooters it will be hop into the cars and travel to the shooting location and hopefully a lot of laughter it will be a great and challenging day.

The constant changing lighting conditions going from shadow to open spaces with the ever changing sun and rain be the biggest challenge for the day.Making sure I create images that are lasting and interesting for the team of 12 to remember and look back on this day.

From an equipment potion i want to go light and free to move around so it looks like it will be a maximum of 3 lens. two portrait and one zoom lens and a backup body. and a tripod.

I think the final challenge will be how I feel doing this shoot on the day not having shoot or killed anything in my life bar a horrible spider or two, I don't know how I will feel around this event but as a photographer I am there to capture and try and show that experience in the images I capture.

So keep posted and i will update with how the event went next week.

Have you ever done a event like this? share your experience and let me know the challenges you faced? #shoot #photographyevent #novemberphotography #surreyphotographerinacounty #pheasantshoot #ginafter #surreyphotographer


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