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A Visit to Clock Hall Barn

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Welcome to my first venue blog.

In this blog, and others, I will be looking to give you information on the venues I visit in the Surrey area. I will give my views on the skill level and capability the photographers will need, and what you should look for in your photographer. If you are the photographer for an amazing wedding at the venue and you have never shot there, what you could expect from all the lovely sites.

My first venue blog is at Clock Barn Hall in Godalming in Surrey, and what a lovely venue to start at!

had a wet but warm welcome by one of the owners, Isabel Mason. She was lovely, chatty and gave me a great look around the venue. She also gave me a sneak peek at the new bridal preparation area that is currently in development, which I will chat about later on in the blog.

The other owner is Kevin Mason and he was busy in the future development of the site and working hard to make it even more special for the couples who get married there.

About Clock Barn Hall

As you arrive at the main entrance of the venue, you will firstly notice the long winding road and fields on either side of the driveway. As you make your way further down this functioning livery yard and farm, you notice that your surrounded by beautiful horses and long grassed fields. In the summer they are full of colour and life. If you’re lucky enough for it to snow, then you get the stunning white fields perfect for pictures. As you get to the end of the drive you arrive at the outhouses and stables that have the look of an early 1600's.

The old stables are part of the yard so only the bride, groom and photographer can be there during the party. This is great time for them to get some fantastic pictures. The walls around the yards are the old red brick that make for stunning features for bride pictures in any weather. The rain would make the brick look darker, creating more contrast. The old well and other pathways and gardens with over hanging trees, and other foliage allows lots of options for the photographer to get great pictures that won't take you far from the party. These areas are more suited to dryer weather, but some photographers with the right skill level can get great pictures in all weather, and the rain is never too much of a problem for them.

But the mud might for the bride...

Now a little about the barn!

Clock Barn Hall has been hosting weddings since 2007, and has between 18 to 37 weddings a year. The barn is described as modern and has a charming rustic view on the outside, with lots of garden and patio areas that guest can enjoy and photos can be taken in the sun. Inside the barn features a bar, central heating for the cold winter and autumn months, lighting throughout giving a warm glow with some ceiling drapes adding to ambience. This gives a welcoming, relaxed and romantic feel to the reception and service rooms.

With a separate service area for the weddings, around 100 guest can see your big day and are ushered into one entrance to take their seats. If you are the bride, you will be brought through another part of the barn, where there is a small bridal room where you can fix any loose hairs before walking down the aisle. After the service you can move directly onto the party situated in the reception area next door. This can hold more that the service room with a maximum of 140, but if you book to have both areas, this can increase to over 150 people.

New to 2019 the barn will have a larger bridle room, which will look stunning when completed with room for the whole bridal party.

All together this is a fantastic venue for photographers, with many locations insight and out of sight to get pictures. During the summer and spring months the light and locations would mean that even a novice photographer will get good pictures. However, in the winter months I would say that a more experienced photographer will be needed. There are not many areas inside the barn, and with wet weather making many of the locations around the barn inaccessible, photographers would be need to be highly creative and have the experience to deal with the lower light and less areas to take pictures. Also the bride and groom may refuse to go outside in the rain which is perfectly natural event to happen.

So when selecting your photographer, I would say a medium to high end photographer would be best suited to this venue. Although I would always suggest reviewing a photographers work as you never know, you might just find that up and coming gem in the low end or novice photographer price range.

If you liked my blog please share and if your interested in hiring me for your wedding then just get in touch.


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