• mark cunningham

A County Shoot.. Stunning day for an adventure

Taking a break this week from the weddings, I was asked to take pictures of a Partridge shoot near me, it was something i have never had the chance to take pictures of and there were a lot of challenges.. personal, Equipment and Understanding that impacted my day.

This event was not that to dissimilar to weddings in terms of making sure I capture the feeling of the day, but was far more challenging.

Firstly I needed to understands what I am looking at in-terms of a day. Who is taking part, what are the key points of the day and finally who was in-charge. It was explain to me that they had 8 guns and 5 Drives(number of locations to shoot). Each drive was worked on by a Beater, picker-upper and the guns.

This made me decide to spend 3 drives with the gunners and 2 with the other crews. making sure i can capture all that happens on the day. along with this there was Breakfast Lunch and dinner.

Now lets look at the the Equipment, the main challenge was the conditions.. the ever changing weather, locations. this was a challenge with little cloud cover the midday soon made harsh shadows and kept over exposing shoots when moving from shadow to direct light. and picking the right lens to get close to the guns..

At the end of the day the sun was dropping over the hills and i found that the sun was causing just as much havoc with the shooters as it was with me.. they could not see as they had the sun direct in there eyes i was not allowed in-front of the guns so i too had the same problem.

The final hurdler ... my personal feelings of the day.... and the basic answer is I shut them off.. I was there to do a job and do it well. Regardless of my feeling of shooting it had no baring there, what i did enjoy was getting to know the shooters... beaters and picker-ups finding out why they do it .. the stories and the enjoyment they have in the job.. that was the best bit.

Overall regardless of the hate or lover for the sport it was a fascinating day and the challeng to me was amazing and I enjoyed that challenge and hope I can be tested and do even better again.

Have you ever done a event like this? share your experience and let me know the challenges you faced? #shoot #photographyevent #novemberphotography #surreyphotographerinacounty #pheasantshoot #ginafter #surreyphotographer